March 22, 2012
Tennessee bill protects teachers who challenge evolution and climate change

Sometimes I think American intellect is heading for the Dark Ages.  Together with Climate Change, evolution denial  and the Church playing a greater role in kids education is a recipe for total heads up your own asses!!  Seriously people how on earth are we expected to develop   and sustain ourselves in a global world if we stick our heads up our own asses because science continues to disprove the teachings of the Bible?  Simply ignoring science or spending more time disproving what you dont like to hear, wont make it go away!  Climate change is happening and yes you did evolve from apes and NO man didn’t walk the Earth with Dinosaurs!  So what goes on in your own theological world should stay in the home.  Otherwise your children will grow up in ignorance and unequipped for the real world.  God doesn’t pay the rent and certainly cannot find your kids a job.